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home base of  "The Electric Horse and Rider." { Animal and Human Therapy}
We have been riding and training horses our whole lives, and doing rehabilitative therapy on horses for over sixteen years now. 

We are excited to offer an all natural liniment called DRAW it OUT!  This is amazing for both you and your animals!  A must have for the veterinary kit! It has no burn, and can safely be used under magnets, and Back On Track and even under your saddle pad!
We also carry Equipulmin, True Colloidal Silver, and Equiprobiotics.

!!!!We are so excited to have added the THEraPlate to our program!  We have seen amazing results with it and have become authorized dealers for them, if you don't have one, your horse will be getting outran by the person who does have one for their horses! !!!!!  Every day we continue to receive testimonies from happy customers, equine, human, and canine too!  Contact me today to see what this amazing machine can do for you and your program!

After struggling with a mare who tied up regardless of everything we tried for her, I am happy to announce we found a product that helped her have her first solid season yet!  If you are looking for some amazing products to help your horses performance, contact us about Un-Lock and EQ-Royal!

We are authorized dealers for Flexineb, completely portable horse nebulizers.  These will make a huge difference in your program.  I LOVE mine and so do all of my clients.

Our therapy includes the Electro-Acuscope and Myopulse.  If optimizing you or your horses performance, decreasing you or your horses healing time, and helping yourself or your horse naturally is important to you, you are on the correct website.  We are one of only two therapists in the United States to be using both Equine Calibrated Acuscopes and Human Calibrated Acuscopes.  We have had extensive training and follow up classes to be able to offer you the best protocols of five different distributors who each have been using this therapy for over 25 years, that is about 125 years of experience from our teachers!  We continue to strive to offer you the best possible protocols available, with the speediest recovery times. 
We are also authorized dealers for the EQUIsport Massager!  We love them to help our clients maintain their horses between visits with the acuscope and myopulse!

We also offer Thermal Imaging, wondering where that horse has hot or cold spots?  Does my saddle fit correctly?  Is my horse being fitted with shoes properly?  Thermal Imaging can help pinpoint a number of issues to help get your horse back on track! 

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If you are wondering how to keep your horse feeling great, looking good, and performing at optimal levels, our Therapy program and Nutrition are proven and effective.  We have excellent References and Testimonies available.

We work hard to train a limited number of quality rope and barrel horses.  Please check out our for sale page for more information.

We will be promoting a fabulous young stallion, LAST CHANCE AT FAME!!!  See his page for more details!!!


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