HH Famous Willard continues his winning career with the Theraplate!

Willy winning 1d, fluffy and out of shape, but smooth on every turn.

Do horses like it?

Willy really "licks" his treatments!

My experiences...

My personal testimony:

My horse had torn himself up pretty bad his futurity year and after, last year he had a really bad fall in April and again in June, he had the winter off (2012-2013) and came in so sore he could hardly walk.  His body looked poor and his eye was sad.  I had him adjusted and he was better, I did his Horse Hair Analysis again and it wasn't real bad, but we put him on his special supplement anyways.  He still was 'off.'  I had almost given up hope of ever running him again.  He was ok for me to rope on, but he wasn't ok to run barrels on.  I talked to Chip with Theraplate and he sent me a demo.  In a few short treatments, I felt my old horse coming back again, the one who felt really good.  His first competition back, he felt like the horse who used to run his heart out and win!  I was in tears.  I kept treating him and noticed several things.  One, his old hamstring injury stayed very good and didn't get sore, which was a miracle.  Two, he had a tear in his tendon sheath on his knee, every time it was muddy, it would leak fluid and swell up, the vets had told me there was nothing we could do and it would continue to get bigger as he aged, ...for the first time, with all this mud, his knee did not swell!!!  I was so excited!  The same leg always gets a little fluid in the lower part of his tendon, guess what?  No fluid.  Just this horse alone, sold me on this therapy.  And I will attach a video of him running now and turning like his old self, (in spite of me, who is just getting back into shape after having a baby.)

Horse #2,  Gets very nervous when we rope on her, and has been extremely inconsistent running barrels.  We did the calming treatment on her and she was a different horse to rope on, we didn't the next night to test it and she was back to swinging her tail and being all agitated.  This mare has began running right with my good horse, consistently, and I am so excited to see how she progresses.  She loves the Theraplate so much that once she is let in the barn, she will drag you to get on it.

Horse #3 I brought her home in August, she started getting hives, I thought it was the bugs or hay so after a couple weeks I turned her out on pasture at a friends, there, she blowed up like a huge marshmallow.  She looked hideous, so I brought her home and began treatment on the Theraplate.  She began to improve almost immediately.  We did a couple of treatments with ozone also and between them and about five treatments on the Theraplate, she has not had the hives return.

Horse #4, My husband was roping on her and after they were done, she was very lame.  She had no heat or swelling in the leg and began to display signs of an abscess.  Soon she wouldn't put any weight on the foot and when she set it down it was toe first.  I began the abscess treatment on her on the Theraplate, within two treatments she was 90% sound.  Her third one and she is 99%....

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Mindy Larkin, 100% different horse from 2012, after using THEraPlate